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By 2011 the EU Directive (2001/77/CE) foresee that tht 21% of Internal Gross Consumption of electricity must come from renewable sources. During 2008 the 13% was produced like this, but the concept has been reinforced by newer directives, March 2007 and January 2008, establishing that by 2020 the 20% of total EU energy production has to be taken from renewable sources, indicating some common guidelines to reach this goal.
In 2006 sustainable sources have produced about 18% of the total amount of energy consumed in the world, with hydroelectric and solid biofuels having the biggest share (unfortunately poorest countries still use solid fuels for heating, cooking and illumination ). In 2008 the 1.3% of the total amount of energy consumed was covered by aeolic source: Seems to be modest, but comparing to 2007, the field has increased by 28.8%.


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